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IMAGES: No more Boring QRs!!. Add your own Images to them
QrCode Image

Tired of One-Color QRCodes??, want to add some personal touch in the QR Codes??. Now with Whazinit you can.

Add the logo of your company, the picture of your movie star, a picasso??, the picture of your family, even a picture of your lover.

Just choose one and we will try to make it blend within your QRCode

MAPS: Wanna send a location to meet up with friends?
Alhambra Image

Time to share places!!. Just enter the address, check that Google Maps knows about it and baammm!!, turn it into a QRCode ready to be shared with the world, and beyond. Just the best way to never get lost nor be alone

.....and yes you can select the location map to melt it into the QRCode.

COLORS: just select the one you prefer for the Rainbow
ColorPicker Image

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the colors of the rainbow, but not the colors of ours QRCodes. 16 million colors sounds enough, dones't it?.

..and this is just the begining of the upcoming possibilities.

DINAMIC QRCODES: Redirect your QR Code to a different destination whenever you want.
DinamycQR Image

You are used to generate a QR Code, share it, and then, ...then What else??.

What about if you find a mistake in what is in it??, what about if you need to upadte the content??. Defenetely you need the ability to have dinamic QRCodes, ..and Whazinit is here to help you. You are not alone.